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“Sorilbran, Your letters are great.” – Richard Grieco:

I hope I never forget how I felt that warm summer day in 1980-something when one of my childhood crushes sent me an autographed post card. Between Richard Grieco, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Kirk Cameron and Michael J. Fox, I probably wrote hundreds of fan letters.

That awesome postcard from Grieco’s people was the only thing I ever got back.

I ran into the Camerons at University Studios back in 1993 and uttered the words, “Hi, Kirk.” Kirk and Chelsea were not feeling me.

I forgive you guys.

Who didn’t love Richard Grieco. Somewhere between swarthy and slimey, somewhere between boy next door and “stay away from my daughter!”

Oh, he was it for me.

Insanely good-looking, which no doubt played a part in him earning a spinoff named for his 21 Jumpstreet character, Dennis Booker.

Geez, it’s been almost 30 years since I got that autographed post card in the mail. Every now and then (like now), I think about my long list of childhood crushes and try to remember the faces of the pimply-faced teen boys who graced my walls and ceiling. 

I had a poster of Brad Pitt back when he was in his early 20s. I had pictures of Johnny Depp and Carl Anthony Payne (Walter on The Cosby Show). Peter DeLuise (I think every generation gets a DeLuise boy to love), Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Darius McCrary, Ozone from Breakin’.

Of course, my wall would look very different today. Denzel, Will Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk (my business crush – that’s a thing), Robert Downey Jr. (I saw The Pick-up Artist, but Tony Stark and his duet with Sting on “Driven to Tears” sealed the deal for me), Dermot Mulroney…

Who’s on your list of childhood crushes?

I compiled this super-short list of hotties from memory. It includes the most memorable celebrity childhood crushes I had between 1987 and 1997. Think back. Would any of these cuties have made your list?

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