Morning cup of coffee on a white table with a pink vase in the background

It’s 3AM. 3:02 to be precise. And I am awake. Not because my alarm clock went off. My alarm won’t sound for another hour or so. But I am awake. I wake up most mornings before 5AM.

For years, high performers like Apple CEO Tim Cook (who reportedly wakes up at 3:45AM) have included waking up early as one of their non-negotiable success habits.

The “success literature” of this Digital Age positions waking up early in the same light as executing; it’s one of the tactics that separates the top 10% (in anything) from the other 90%.

Why I Decided to Get Up FOUR HOURS Earlier Every Day

I realized some time ago that I spend my most productive and creative hours of the day either preparing to do client work or actually doing client work. That meant I only had “creative crumbs” left over for my own endeavors at the end of the day.

After listening to Eric Thomas one day, I decided to reverse my schedule so that I work on my goals first thing in the morning rather than working on my clients’ goals. In order to do that, I needed to wake up between 3AM and 430AM.

As it turns out, preceding client work with “passion work” makes for a more productive workday. In fact, I’m going to share with you the six top benefits I’ve seen as a result of waking up just a few hours earlier every morning.

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