#AskGaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk

I must admit, I was thrilled when I saw Gary Vee’s latest book in the Marketing section of my local library. I went there hoping to stumble across a book that was outdated, but somehow evergreen.  I mean, if David Ogilvy wrote a book, that’s what I expected to find.

Coincidentally, the late great advertising executive David Ogilvy was born in 1911, if that gives you any idea of the age of the literature I expected to find at the Stonecrest branch of Dekalb Public Library.

Instead, I found Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book, #AskGaryVee.

Just a bit of insight: Gary Vaynerchuk is the social media go-to guy. He has somehow reverse engineered every social platform to understand who is there, why they’re there, and precisely how to reach them. He’s a social media whisperer.  Gary’s the CEO of Vayner Media, perhaps the fastest growing marketing agency on the planet, with 500 or so employees. Married, two kids, 41 years old, angel investor, speaker.

An Admittedly Soft Serve Review of #AskGaryVee

I’ve read two of Gary’s four books. I read Crush It! about a year ago; I didn’t love it. Despite that awful first book, I fully intended to read his subsequent books Thank You Economy and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I was on the fence about reading #AskGaryVee, but found the book useful. 

Now, Gary can be hard to stomach.  I like Gary because he’s a straight shooter. There’s something about a man who speaks in absolutes. No guile. No BS. No ambiguity. No verbal escape hatches. No hedge.

(I once dated a politician and HATED IT because I  could never get a straight answer out of that guy about anything except what he wanted for dinner.)

But Gary curses like… well, like he spent his childhood working in his father’s Jersey liquor store. So, I listen to his YouTube show #AskGaryVee when the kids aren’t around, and I pull the nuggets of genius from a pile of F-bombs.

Something I heard him say not long ago is the reason this blog even exists, by the way. But I’ll get into that later.

#askGaryVee book review

Why I Read #AskGaryVee

Using social media is a struggle for me. I’m not a phone person. I don’t like to chit chat, unless it’s my weekly phone call with my sister or the occasional conversation with my dearest friend (we’ve been friends since 1981).

I hate how the media uses people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds to provoke them to wrath.  And it bothers me that most people are okay with being led around by their feelings, re-packaging unresolved anger and overall life dissatisfaction in whatever cause has the hottest hash tag.

But for my clients’ sake and for my sake, I need to know which social platform to use to spread a message and gain a better understanding of the culture governing each platform.

And Gary Vaynerchuk is the guy to tell me that. So, I gladly read his book.

#AskGaryVee is Another Easy Read

#AskGaryVee is set up like a Q & A  and sprouted from the Ask Gary Vee segment of his daily YouTube show. I don’t know how many questions he answered in the book.

You may be able to read this book in a day or so if you can quiet your mind and your house long enough to get through all 300+ pages. On the day I read this book, the kids were sick, so it was a low-activity day in my house.

Gary talked about more than social media strategy in the book. Included in his Q&A were the current and future states of social media, with attention given to specific platforms; life strategies; success strategies; self-awareness strategies; and productivity strategies.

Good read. Minimal profanity.  After reading #AskGaryVee, I think this is one for my private library, not the public library. I’m going to buy in the next few weeks.

Here are my 9 big takeaways in images and bold typeface.