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woman at conference table with notebook - work for hire agreements
Freelance Writing

Should You EVER Sign a Client’s Work-for-Hire Agreement as a Freelance Writer?

One of the primary advantages of being a freelancer is the freedom to choose your own projects. You get to exercise your creative muscles as you see fit. You imagine, you create, you get paid.  It’s all very epicurean. You are what Richard Florida refers to as a “Creative”. (I used to be a HUGE …

cactus pillow and fur throw - poshmark adding home market

Resale Marketplace Poshmark Expands Into the $582 Billion Home Decor Market

Poshmark announced yesterday that it is expanding its recommerce business from fashion into the $582 billion home decor market. The social commerce platform, which launched in 2011 is a resale marketplace where users can go to off-load previously-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories. Poshmark combines social, resale and commerce to create an online community of thrifters wherein the …

desktop flatlay with laptop - Freelance writing business
Freelance Writing

The 6 Common Pitfalls of Running a Freelance Writing Business

As a freelancer, there may be times when you find yourself in a position where your brand makes a promise which, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep. It happens. Computers crash, the kids get sick, a polar vortex causes your house to lose power. How you handle the fallout from your failure to …

woman in hello summer shirt with yellow flowers - energy and vitality
Managing Vitality

The GNC Multi-Vitamin That Pretty Much Cured My Midday Lull

Vitamins for Women Over 40: GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism This is pretty cool. And I’m not getting paid in any way for this… although I’ve recommended these vitamins to every woman who even mentions the word energy. I found a really great vitamin for women over 40 who need a better way …