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How to Write an eBook in 5 Days
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How to Write an eBook in 5 Days

….Ghostwrite, that is For the newbie ghostwriter unschooled in the art of quick and dirty writing, the idea of penning an eBook in a few days seems daunting.  There’s a method to the madness for getting the research and the writing done. Today, we’re talking about how to write an eBook – excuse me, how …

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Naitcole Michele International: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Beauty Brand

Naitcole Michele, “The Shark of Hair” Naitcole Michele is that deal. I met Naitcole Michele through my friend, Kimberly Wright who is the Chief Creative Thinker at Jon Ashton PR in Atlanta. I was immediately struck by Naitcole Michele’s professionalism and her sheer drive. Let me tell you, I’ve been in small business administration for almost two decades now and it’s …