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8 Seemingly Superficial Things About You That May be Harming Your Freelance Business

Turns out that in business, image really is everything I know we all like to think that everybody’s equal and we’re all super-valuable. But in the business world, your intrinsic value has very little to do with your market value. In business, your reputation really does precede you. Before your ideal client hands you any …

How to Write an eBook in 5 Days
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How to Write an eBook in 5 Days

….Ghostwrite, that is For the newbie ghostwriter unschooled in the art of quick and dirty writing, the idea of penning an eBook in a few days seems daunting.  There’s a method to the madness for getting the research and the writing done. Today, we’re talking about how to write an eBook – excuse me, how …

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Naitcole Michele International: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Beauty Brand

Naitcole Michele, “The Shark of Hair” Naitcole Michele is that deal. I met Naitcole Michele through my friend, Kimberly Wright who is the Chief Creative Thinker at Jon Ashton PR in Atlanta. I was immediately struck by Naitcole Michele’s professionalism and her sheer drive. Let me tell you, I’ve been in small business administration for almost two decades now and it’s …