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What’s the Difference Between an eBook and an Information Product?

With Internet marketers and online gurus selling ebooks as the next big “information product”, it can be a challenge pinpointing exactly where the line is between regular eBook and an “information product.” Just what is the difference? Lead with Value Master copywriter, Bob Bly, extols the virtues of creating information products that deliver the kind value that …

intellectual property
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Why Intellectual Property Should Be Part of Your Business Model

What are your thoughts, ideas and homegrown processes worth to your business? It very well may be that you can give your firm a distinct competitive advantage by monetizing your ideas and building an intellectual property portfolio.  It is no secret that small businesses drive the economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small …

Constant Content
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How to Make Money with Your Unused Content

If you have a knack for penning your ideas, I have a potentially profitable opportunity for you to make extra money writing articles (or submitting your unused articles to Constant Content). I stumbled across Constant Content in 2013 when I was building up my content licensing business. I had been ghostwriting for years, but with a new baby on the way, …