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friends standing together - Crafting your Mission and Values Statement
The Value Series

Value Series Part 3: How to Craft Your Personal Values and Mission Statements

Belief, Values and Missions Google defines belief as “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”  How important are your beliefs to your purpose? Can you pursue and achieve a dream you do not believe in? Yes, but would you really want to spend your finite, non-renewable time working hard at something …

Pink notebook set for taking an inventory of your marketable skills
The Value Series

Value Series Part 2: Identifying and OWNING Your Professional Value

Let’s Create an Inventory of Your Professional Assets and Marketable Skills   It’s week two in our six-part Value Series. As women (and especially as wives and mothers), it’s sometimes difficult to define our value succinctly. Being a mom and a wife is often a thankless job. And while we don’t necessarily seek praise, if we’re …

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The Value Series

The Value Series: How to Figure Out What You’re Worth Now

Welcome back to the job market, Mama! Here’s how to figure out what you’re worth now (and how to translate “momming” into marketable skills).  It’s a New Year, and if you have ever thought about starting a home-based business or increasing your income by working from home, you have probably spent a considerable amount of …