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Home Business Idea: Jewelry Designer

This creative home business idea is definitely for a certain type of woman – no customer services headsets here. I Know a Woman Who Makes Jewelry And who isn’t a sucker for handmade jewelry? The Jewelry Designer loves making jewelry. She has both the patience and the creativity for it. She works mostly with semi-precious stones …

Home Business Idea: Vehicle Exporter
Home Business Ideas

Cool Home Business Idea: Exporting Cars Overseas (My Sister Did This)

I know a woman who exports cars. Your idea of the used car salesman may be forever changed by this particular case study. It’s not super difficult to obtain a license to deal cars in most states. In the state of Michigan, for example, there are ten types of car dealer licenses and the cost …

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Home Business Ideas

Cool Home Business Ideas: Upcycling

I know of a woman who buys second-hand and resells her finds online. I’m not talking about shopping at cute boutiques for earrings and handbags (though I know a few girls who do that too). I’m talking about shopping garage sales and forfeited storage facilities. For this post’s cool home business idea, I introduce to you the Millennial …