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A Moms Life

The 6 Super-Important Disciplines of Being Super-Effing Happy

Are you happy? If you aren’t, is there a reason you can point to that is temporarily affecting your happiness, or are you just living through a period of discontent? I’ve got good news. You can develop happiness habits. There are things you can do to change your current state, and if you happen to …

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A Moms Life

The 6 Immediate Benefits I Saw By Waking Up FOUR HOURS EARLIER

It’s 3AM. 3:02 to be precise. And I am awake. Not because my alarm clock went off. My alarm won’t sound for another hour or so. But I am awake. I wake up most mornings before 5AM. For years, high performers like Apple CEO Tim Cook (who reportedly wakes up at 3:45AM) have included waking …