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procrastination - Denim jacket and wrist watch

Three Reasons We Procrastinate and Three Ways to Stop

Two minutes to post a tweet. Three minutes grabbing another cup of coffee. Just five or six minutes checking a Facebook news feed. And suddenly it’s the end of the day and you’re looking at the hours gone by wondering, “What did I actually do today?” You procrastinated! Procrastination is that nasty little word that …


The 5 Whys: Can Your Business Problem Be Solved by Asking “Why?”?

One of the key skills every business owner has to master in order to run a successful business is problem-solving. In fact, we shell out big bucks to find people who can resolve our business challenges. Maybe the root of your problem can be uncovered by asking “Why?”. An Introduction to the Five Whys A few years ago, …

Colorful piggy banks, multiple streams of income

Why It’s Important for Work-at-Home-Moms to Have Multiple Income Streams

In early 2013, my ghost writing work left me in a bit of a lurch.  I was working my butt off,  not necessarily with the best attitude. But I was working my butt off nonetheless, servicing clients big and small.  For whatever reason, when payday came, none of my clients were paying me. Talk about a trying …