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Strong woman - white brick wall - get a government loan to start a business?
Working from Home

Can You Get a Government Loan to Start a Home-Based Business?

You’ve seen the guy in the purple suit talking about “free money” and you may even know somebody who knows somebody who got a grant for their business. But how much of what we know about the US Small Business Administration, government grants and small business loan programs is the real deal? If you work from home, can you get a government loan …

Why you're not running a successful home business
Working from Home

Here’s Why You’re Not Running a Successful Home Business

The Single Most Damaging Trait That Keeps Would-Be Women Entrepreneurs from Having Success Some women seem to have it all – talent, brains, beauty, relationships, money. By anyone’s definition of the word, these women seem successful. Then there are others who seem like they should have it all but something keeps them from realizing their …

form your own llc
Working from Home

How and Why to Form Your Own LLC

What is an LLC? A limited liability company is a relatively new business structure that exists at the state level. It’s a bit of a hybrid structure, that combines the ease of running a sole proprietorship with the protections of a corporation. It’s not hard to learn how to form an LLC and most business …

The Value Series: Professional Value
Working from Home

How and Why to Form a Corporation

Have you been thinking about incorporating your business? Let me tell you, the actual process of incorporating a business – even a freelance business – is not as complicated as you may think. The heavy lifting is going to be deciding is incorporating is the right business structure for you. You’ve been doing business in your market and …

business sketch - protect your home business
Working from Home

How to Protect Your Home-Based Business Using a Simple Checklist

Business owners often take care to track inventory items. But you also need to track fixed assets like computers, office equipment, hardware, software, and furniture. “What did they take?” That was the question that stumped me when my business was burglarized. Sure, I could see the big things that were missing – computers, printers, the TV and …

woman excited and smiling about small business loan
Working from Home

Why You Should Care About SBA Small Business Programs

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client who needed help re-branding her growing business. She makes up one-third of the ownership of Omaha-based party planning company-turned full-service event planning company, Mise en Scène (formerly A&K Party Pals, LLC).  Mise en Scène  made their mark on the Omaha market, putting together a constant string of fun-filled kids parties, many of which had visits by well-known …