Constant Content

If you have a knack for penning your ideas, I have a potentially profitable opportunity for you to make extra money writing articles (or submitting your unused articles to Constant Content).

I stumbled across Constant Content in 2013 when I was building up my content licensing business. I had been ghostwriting for years, but with a new baby on the way, I was working to find more ways to automate my income. Constant Content is one of the methods I use to earn money on surplus written content that, for whatever reason, doesn’t get purchased by my client.

Constant Content

What is Constant Content?

Constant Content is an article database that provides opportunities for content creators to license or sell previously unpublished, high-quality work to content publishers. One of the things I like about Constant Content is the fact that their standards are really high. Before you can add an article to the database, Constant Content’s editing department reviews your submission and makes sure it is well-written and grammatically correct. The site focuses on giving publishers access to content in 14 general categories – the usual suspects like business, health, the arts, science, and society, are accounted for.

Sell off or license your unused content

The beauty of the whole thing for me is that I can monetize the unused, unpublished content that’s was just sitting on my computer. I have been able to sell multiple articles using Constant Content as a vehicle to license or sell pre-written work. My articles have been relatively short, so my highest price point for full rights was $77 and my lowest price point was a $10 non-exclusive usage license.

The application process

In order to be accepted as a freelance writer, you have to take a short quiz and get your first article approved before editors will allow you to post more content. The review process can be lengthy, taking up to a week sometimes for reviewers to respond to your submission with feedback. If you have a good handle on the rules of writing and you’re a pretty good proofreader, you won’t have to worry much about taking too long to get your article approved. 

When I first started with Constant Content, I submitted three articles for review when I created my profile. Two of the three were approved within 18 hours of submission. The third had a typo I needed to correct and resubmit for review. The process for submitting content and getting approved was not tedious, but these were articles I had already proofed. 

Pricing your articles and collecting your fees

Now, as it relates to pricing your articles, Constant Content content takes a 35% commission on any articles you sell or license, but their suggested pricing strategy gives you a little wiggle room. The article library on Constant Content isn’t overflowing with $1 articles, so you do have the opportunity to price your article competitively.

Whatever fees you earn are paid out once or more times a month, based on the schedule you select.

As the content author, you get to determine if your content can be licensed to multiple publishers, licensed to one exclusive publisher (unique price) or if  you are relinquishing the rights to the work altogether (full rights). If you have the time in your schedule to do some writing, you may consider this method to make extra money writing articles.

I came across a super-helpful article on this topic on Reddit. You can read that article here. Use it to help you figure out what to write about which will help you sell more articles.

Now, that’s my spiel on Constant Content. Have you used it? Tell me about your experiences. AND I’m itching to know about other platforms like Ghostbloggers, if anyone has any info.