woman against yellow wall - earn extra money from home as an information marketer

That title sounds super-official, doesn’t it? Information marketer. It’s actually a lot less technical than it sounds. And I know a TON of people who do this to make earn extra money from home.

I know a woman who creates her own courses and information products. “What are information products?” you ask. 

Here’s the deal with information products

Information products are typically teaching tools. Content marketers like me (that’s my official day job) create content for sales funnels to market these products. Those can range in price from $10 to more than $1,000 depending on the value of the information contained within the product.

Information products include courses, books, videos, podcasts, and membership websites. Good information products are very detailed. They usually provide step-by-step instructions for users to become educated in and take advantage of business opportunities.

Topics for information products can range from putting up a chicken coop to growing the largest tomatoes to launching a spa business. So… you shouldn’t be intimidated by the misconception that you may not be an expert. It’s like Seth Godin says, “Everybody’s an expert at something”.

The Information Marketer creates products for other marketers, but she also creates and markets her own information products based on her areas of expertise. Both avenues have proved lucrative or her.  She works full time, researching hot topics and creating educational systems.

Once completed, her products range in value from $67 to a few hundred dollars. They are intended for business people who are serious about learning a topic and applying what they learned. Employers who hire her to create information products for them can easily pay $50 to $100 per page of written content. 

What you’ll need to earn extra money from home as an Information Marketer

Skills inventory: Research, creativity, organization of thoughts, academic or business writing, sales copywriting, discipline

Physical/virtual inventory: Computer, Internet connection, access to reference material either online or offline

Launch cost: If you have a computer and some legitimate knowledge, the launch cost is $0.

Marketing: Use Upwork.com, PeoplePerHour.com, Freelancer.com, Freelance.com, Guru.com and Fiverr.com to get work. I’m also a big fan of listing your business in business directories and website directories.

You can promote your expertise and your service in Facebook groups for experts and small businesses people (I got my last book client when I promoted a writing deal in a Facebook group for professional black women).

LinkedIn is also a really good option for you because you’ll be promoting to a college-educated community of business professionals. It’s also a really good place to start building authority, so you become “known for” whatever your thing is.

AND building your network on LinkedIn is A LOT simpler than it used to be. You don’t have to get recommendations, and the barrier that used to stop you from trying to connect with people after, like, the 10th person has been pushed to, like 75. Very good thing. And if your profile is professional and interesting, you’ll likely to get 30% to 50% follow-backs.

You can advertise on Craigslist or in local PennySavers. Blog regularly about your experiences and your expertise to help build your credibility. Doing this will also compel people to buy your information products.

Flipside… If you are interested in creating information products for others to own, build a portfolio of your work and become a staple of internet marketing blogs, forums and communities. You can market your own info products using pay-per-click advertising and by adding your product to the catalog of affiliate marketplaces.

If this is your thing… or it isn’t, you can check out my sorta massive list of home business ideas.