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One of the cool things about my ancient Facebook page (I adopted in 2007 or 2008) is the fact that by now, the algorithms know I want to see funky jumpsuits in the sidebar. Earlier today, Zuvaa showed up on the right side of my screen. So I clicked the pretty picture of the black woman in ethnic-looking clothes. 

Love it.

So, Zuvaa is not just a store, like I originally thought. It’s a marketplace for designers who create and sell Africa-inspired clothing. The concept is wonderful to me and I am just getting into my first few designs, just kind of looking around.

Right now, it looks like they are running a special where you can get free shipping if you opt-in and subscribe to their mailing list. I will say this: I subscribed about an hour ago and I haven’t gotten my confirmation notice just yet, but I’m optimistic. 

The timing for Zuvaa to appear in my feed couldn’t be better. Earlier today, I was trying to get a photographer on the phone as it’s time for my first set of professional, non-music-related headshots. So get ready: I’m going to be talking about this for the next few weeks while I iron out my concept and try to figure out what 40 year-old Sorilbran dresses like. 

25 year-old Sorilbran wore a red, velvet fedora and black wet pants to her vocal jazz class at Wayne State (that was during my hat phase)

31 year-old Sorilbran wore an orange Kangol, tennis shoes, blue jeans and a light blue poncho made of some sort of anti-winter fabric on a walking tour of the Marais District in Paris

34 year-old Sorilbran wore a black (and glitter) Bob Mackie pant suit with a tan tank top on the red carpet for… a movie premier in LA (I don’t remember which movie, sorry)

I don’t know what 40 year-old Sorilbran is capable of. But I have to keep in mind my current weight and my height, how I carry myself and also the fact that my target customer is a married middle-aged black man… whose wife I don’t want to tick off. I have to ride the train somewhere between Beyonce and Rosa Parks. I have to live in that space that says, “I’m relevant and I’m cool” and “Add one more comma and three more zeroes to that check, bruh.” 


This is going to be suh-weet. 

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