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I know of a woman who helps people fill out applications. This is a real thing, and it can be a pretty lucrative home-based business idea to implement, even if though you may not necessarily know anyone who does this kind of work. 

Why the Application Maverick is a solid home-based business idea

Consider students working to get into MBA programs or doctoral programs.  Many of them could use a little extra guidance in transitioning to the next stage of their lives.  This woman helps prospective students complete their program applications.  

People – even intelligent people – get a little freaked out by long forms and wordy instructions.  The Application Maverick is able to capitalize on this fear while providing a useful service to people who need her help and are appreciative of her input.

The Application Maverick is a graduate of an Ivy League school herself so she understands the pressure students endure when considering these programs.  Next, she has learned how to package students to highlight their strengths, advantages and value

Her work is part of a larger program that prepares high school and college students for higher education opportunities by providing application assistance, webinars, training opportunities and professional etiquette courses.

Skills inventory

Organized, professional, knowledgeable about the subject matter, a proven system 

Physical/virtual inventory

Computer, internet connection, phone, a virtual office

Launch cost 

Credibility would probably come in the form of an acceptance letter into grad school


I think with this idea, you’re going to have to rely a lot on your reputation and your existing network. Your peers you who were your classmates in college and grad school. The teachers and advisors who knew you then and who have maybe stayed in touch with you. These are the relationship you can nurture to help you get your first clients.

You also want to distribute flyers and maybe brochurees on local college campuses. Of course, you definitely want to have a professional website that details not just the service you’re offering, but also your credentials. That’s a big one.

Leverage your social media network (LinkedIn, specifically) and online advertising. This is also a topic on which you can create a robust catalog of blog posts, Cal Newport-style.