African American professional - talent broker home business idea

Okay… next home business-based idea is a fun one. I know several women who work to broker different types of talent… and the best part is these are home-based businesses.  

Here’s how the Talent Broker shakes out as a legit home-based business idea

Talent Broker #1 goes to local boutiques with samples of handmade jewelry from local artists to place individual pieces or entire jewelry lines into mid-priced and high-end establishments. The pieces she shops are one of a kind, and made my local artisans, which (in the right part of town) is the best kind of sales pitch.  

Talent Broker #2 deals with actors. She sells actors to television and film castin g directors. She started out working as the agent for her young daughter. As her expertise grew so did her credibility and she served as a Hollywood agent for years.

She started out living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Burbank with absolutely no furniture. None. Whatsoever.  She learned as she went. Eventually, she traded her Burbank apartment for a home with cathedral ceilings and lemon trees that always seemed to have fruit. Oh, and her Benz. Don’t forget the Benz.

Talent Broker #3 works from home, negotiating lucrative deals for her stable of R&B acts. Armed with an iPhone, a home office and a contacts list full of music industry influencers, she makes money by making sure the artists she represents make money. She books live performances, appearances, and studio work for her talented team. She okays mixtapes and makes her way out to just about every industry event scheduled to take place east of the Mississippi River. 

What you’ll need to start a home-based business as a Talent Broker

Skills inventory:  Drive, influence, resourcefulness, thick skin, wholeness (integrity –  which isn’t the same thing as goodness or civility), trustworthiness, charm, intelligence, scruples

Physical / virtual inventory: A dazzling smile, phone, contacts, some kind of talent to promote

Launch cost: Everything you are

Marketing: social media, social media, social media.

Building your network and having a way to spread the word about the talent your encounter and eventually negotiate deals for will be your portfolio and your reputation. And yes, you want to have business cards and a established business on Google (even if it doesn’t list your home address).

Final thought: become a regular at local music venues, creative festivals, trade shows, and different industry events. This will enable you to build your roster AND your list of contacts simultaneously. You are your reputation and for you, that first impression is almost everything, as it speaks for you AND your clients. Baby, look the part!