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I know a woman who sells beauty products.

You probably know a girl who does this as well.  If you’ve seen women riding around in the cotton candy-colored Cadillac SUV you may have wondered how much blush they had to sell to qualify for an SUV. We’ve all wondered the same thing.

The Beauty Consultant typically works as a consultant and sales professional with a network marketing organization. The network marketing (also known as direct sales and multi-level marketing) business model provides two built-in methods for generating income.  The first, of course, is through product sales – direct from manufacturer to customer. The second is by recruiting other talented sales personnel to work under you. You receive a percentage of every sale made by someone in your downline. The business structure presents a great opportunity to grow your business at an exponential rate if you are willing to work at it and if you can recruit other people who are serious about earning money through network marketing. 

A lot of people misunderstand network marketing. They bad-mouth the industry, calling companies a pyramid scheme (which is illegal). The truth is network marketing is heavily regulated by the government to minimize the chances of companies running pyramid schemes. But when you think of successful companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, and It Works! Global who use the network marketing business model, you don’t think of them as scams. You know that Avon has awesome perfumes and cosmetics. Mary Kay has an eye cream that gets rid of puffiness and wrinkles like an eraser. It Works! sells body wraps that tighten the skin and help slim you down and Herbalife’s products can boost your quality of life and help you live longer. People buy the products. People use the products and product distributors earn money from product sales. 

The beauty of multi-level marketing (MLM) is the Beauty Consultant earns money from the products she sells personally as well as from the sales of the people she enrolled. 

Skills inventory: Sociable, friendly, stylish, understanding of beauty trends and tricks, no fear of rejection, the ability to influence others, self-motivated

Physical / virtual inventory: A stash of the products you will be selling; it helps if you look like you use the products

Launch cost:  The cost of sample products and usually there’s a small fee to enter the business, typically less than $200 though

Marketing: Your fastest path to gaining trust and wooing customers from ALL OVER the world is to know your business. Go beyond being someone who sells products and MASTER the products. Know what makes each product work, and who the products work for. Learn techniques that you know will benefit your customers.

You don’t have to be Pat McGrath, but you should be their go-to expert. Not just the store from which they buy their products. That’s what’ll give you staying power. Because if you’re just the store, the moment another consultant moves closer to your customers, you’ll lose them.

Okay, so how do you become an expert? Peddle your expertise… and think outside the box. For instance, local churches often offer resume-writing workshops. Be the add-on by walking job seekers through beauty techniques they can use to optimize their appearance without going overboard.

Submit articles to lifestyle sites that have beauty sections, or local publications that target other moms. Or just go the flyer route and offer makeup training at libraries (Gen X and Boomer women may be interested in this – and they are the nation’s big spenders).

The goal is to position your business on top of your expertise so you’re not hawking products all the time. Usually, MLM companies will provide you with a website that’s somewhat branded.