iphone taking a picture of food - home business ideas for moms

I think this one is a really great home business idea for moms. For a while, my oldest daughter did this as well to make extra money (one of her most popular recipes was when she recreated Chili’s Paradise Pie before they brought it back this year). So, here’s the latest idea…

I know a woman who writes recipes for cookbooks. (I also know a chef who’s a professional food photographer and also writes recipes for blog sites in need of recipes.) Suppose both these women could be categorized as foodies. 

Here’s How the Foodie Gig Works

You can outsource anything these days, right? The Foodie has a kind of intuitive knack for being able to imagine flavor combinations.  So she’s actually able to read recipes online and tweak them in her mind. For those of us who confuse thyme with oregano [raising hand], we may not be able to imagine such a sophisticated palate, but the Foodie knows the difference. 

Pinterest PIN of Cupcakes - Home business idea - foodie

She first began marketing and monetizing her talent when a friend of hers told her about an online publisher who was looking for a writer for a series of cookbooks. She applied, landed her first project writing a book of recipes for people on the paleo diet and the rest is history.

In addition to searching jobs on bidding sites like Upwork, the Foodie also contributes content on lifestyle and mommy blogs, as well as her own blog.  She is now able to point to her growing web presence as evidence of her credibility as a content provider for this particular genre.

The first few jobs she took didn’t pay much, but they did pay something.  As a ghostwriter, she doesn’t earn residual income from her contribution to these books, but she earns a wage that helps her to supplement her income and she does so by doing something she’s done without pay for years.

Skills inventory

Sophisticated palette, know-how in the kitchen, ability to articulate thoughts and itemize instructions

Physical/virtual inventory

Kitchen, computer, internet connection

Launch cost

Assuming you have the aforementioned personal and physical inventory items, the additional cost is $0


Instagram should become your jam. Food photography is extremely popular on Instagram, and recipes are a staple on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Top hashtags include #food #foodporn #foodphotography (36 million posts using this hashtag)

If you really know your stuff, you can contribute recipes to different blogs. Facebook actually has pretty active content groups where group members are looking to BUY recipes + pictures. Not just recipes, though. Crafts, homeschooling content, printables for kids… all do very well in these groups. I’ve sold stuff in these myself.

Also, you can find recipes-writing jobs on Upwork.com. and Fiverr.com, specifically. You can check the other freelance gig boards, but I think Upwork will be your best bet. 

One thing you’ll have to think about with recipes is what kind of rights you’ll give away to buyers. For example, the content for sale in Facebook content groups often sell semi-exclusive rights, meaning the writer is selling that same recipe three or four times (usually the same recipe with different images).

Flip side is if you’re creating and selling these recipes and images as a work for hire, you’re automatically relinquishing your rights when you accept payment and while you can’t really copyright a recipe, you won’t be able to reuse those pics. Just something to keep in mind.