jump links for squarespace -

How do you create jump links for a post in Squarespace? It’s actually relatively straightforward. Take 3 minutes to learn something new with this short tutorial.

* * *

If you’re anything like me, your writing portfolio is overflowing with detailed, long-form content in the 1500- to 4000-word range. I write A LOT of this kind of content. But because these kinds of posts take SO much time to read I like to create different ways for people to consume that content…

whether it’s by turning key points into an infographic

or turning the blog post into an audio file

or just creating a table of contents (also known as jump links) at the top of a post so people can find the sections they’re most interested in reading.

In this video, I show you how to create jump links for your long-form articles. 👈🏽 👈🏽 FYI, clicking that link will take you to my video on writing long-form articles.