The One Thing I'll Never Again Say or Think
Floating scene from the movie Inception

One of my favorite songs in 2007 was John Mayer’s “I Don’t Trust Myself Loving You.” At the time it was right on target with what I felt about life back then.  Things were shifting.  My values had been uprooted and were floating around me Inception style, vying for my attention and re-evaluation.

In the last five years, I’ve watched my world change around me as I begin to change as a person. Yesterday, as I was reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the end of the first habit urged me to make and keep promises.  Make and keep promises.  Now, why is it important that we make and keep promises?  Go ahead and answer before reading on.


Make and Keep Your Promises

Usually, when we think about keeping promises, we are most concerned with not disappointing other people and we are thinking about times when we’ve said the words, “I promise.” A few days ago, as I was Youtubing Jim Rohn, he also referred to keeping promises.  Actually, he talked about being “behind on your promises, pennies in your pocket and nothing in the bank…”  Meaning, not paying  your bills and being broke.

Make and Keep Your Promises to You

A year ago, I would have been thinking that you keep your promises because it’s right.  Don’t lie to people.  But yesterday, my gut response was, you keep your promises because you made them and you don’t lie to yourself.  Myself? I’m so wise but what did that mean? I pondered a bit more.  Here’s what I came up with:

Everything sorilbran says, Sorilbran hears and when sorilbran doesn’t follow through, Sorilbran stops trusting sorilbran.  I can’t keep letting Sorilbran down.  That’s my homegirl! It’s not the big, blood donor, godparent promises that get us. It’s the small promises.  Everything in my life – from weight loss to money management to discipline to the Alaskan cruise I want to take – has to do with me keeping promises to me. I have made a determination in my soul that I will NOT ever have another moment of second-guessing myself for lack of follow-through.

Your happiness is directly tied to your ability to make and keep promises to yourself.  You can’t be happy without mastering the promises game.  I love that song, but I will never again say or think that  Sorilbran doesn’t trust sorilbran because sorilbran doesn’t keep her promises.


Not the kid.

So now it’s time to write.  You know me.  In my little red journal, I’m going to list a set of promises by which I will conduct my daily affairs and I will keep them.