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Updated July 2020

In early 2013, my ghost writing work left me in a bit of a lurch.  I was working my butt off,  not necessarily with the best attitude. But I was working my butt off nonetheless, servicing clients big and small.  For whatever reason, when payday came, none of my clients were paying me. Talk about a trying time.


While my receivables issue was relatively short-lived, I learned the most valuable lesson of my life: God is my source.  It’s like Tyler Perry said at :27… [paraphrasing] all I can do is plant my seed and water my seed. God has to give the increase.  And I have learned to look to Him first for increase.  When I am in need, I tell Him.  Then I get to work.

Months before I had my own personal Great Recession, I began to suspect it might be a good idea to start generating income from something other than ghost writing.  But I decided to do it once I was set with ghost writing.  I could take a few weeks off to really do something else. Then BOOM.  Ramen Noodle time.

When you have multiple streams of income, if one stream gets blocked, you an put more time and effort into building the other streams, but your money doesn’t just dry up indefinitely. 

Creating Passive Income Isn’t Easy

I made the same mistake a lot of folks make with regard to passive income – I assumed it would be easy.  It wasn’t. I got on my grind to build a residual income empire, then got tired of the labor.  Creating an income stream that you can take your hands off of is NOT easy.  It takes diligence, hard work, persistence and a commitment.  Once the work is done, it’s done. But getting any business to the place where it’s making money consistently without having to hover over it 24/7 is a task.

You’ll Probably Be Working Full-Time for a While Just to Create Passive Income

Sometimes the best-laid plans come to naught.  And it sucks to be caught in a situation where you’re spent from toiling and still living in lack.  Time waits for no woman.  And the truth is, we really don’t know what’s around the next corner – a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel or study abroad, company layoffs, divorce, illness… anything can happen.

Do you hear me?  Anything can happen.

We can’t always prevent or even be ready for life’s challenges, but we can work now to minimize the negative impact an unexpected event may have on our households by being smart.  Use every tool in your arsenal.  Don’t let any of your gifts or talents shrivel up and die. Work like you know tomorrow’s coming because it is.

And most importantly, do it now, lady.  Don’t wait.

Now, I have a couple of different ideas for creating multiple streams of income, and I cover these ideas in more detail throughout this blog.

7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Creating Multiple Streams of Income

#1 Sell content. This one is for writers – sell any unpublished content you’re sitting on. Maybe you got an order and a client didn’t pay, or the scope of the project changed.  have that maybe a client ordered, but didn’t buy.

#2 License content. Also, if you can write one article a day or every other day on trending topics, you can license your articles or sell them outright through content hubs like Constant Content.

#3 Nano-influencer. If you happen to have 3000 or more social media followers, you can make a few extra bucks as a social media nano-influencer. The sticking point here really is to have great photos in your feed AND find a niche like #workingmoms or #mommyfashion that you can create content for that will allow you to get greater reach with your content. 

#4 Get money back. I love rebate apps like Ibotta and Rakuten. These apps let you get cash back on your regular grocery store and household purchases. I typically use that money for stuff like gas or buying services on Fiverr to help me grow my business. Kroger has its own rebate app now (in addition to coupons).

#5 Social media assistant. Okay, this is a bit of a twist on what you’re probably thinking, but the goal isn’t to load up your To Do list with time-consuming stuff, but companies will pay you to handle their social media engagement. Just the engagement – not even the content. So, you don’t have to worry about knowing how to create posts that look extra fancy. If you can spend an hour or two a day following, commenting, liking images, and unfollowing, you can easily make $100 extra per week.

#6 Kid sitter + hairstylist. This one is a bit more hands on, but if this is one of your abilities, go for it. Plenty of moms would pay to have someone take on the responsibility of washing and styling their kids’ hair every Saturday morning. This idea is great because you can take as much or as little work as you want, and be super picky about your clientele. But yeah… this one would work.

#7 Repurpose content. I’ve gotten into this a bit lately, and basically what I do is take blog posts and turn them into videos and audio for small businesses. You can learn how to do this in one afternoon, and probably spend $100 getting the software you need to do it if you check on a platform like AppSumo. For me, converting a blog post to audio is a matter of copy/paste then choosing the type of voice I want for the voiceover.  For this, you can charge a flat rate, or do it by the hour.

I can think of a hundred more of these. But… yeah… this kinda stuff.