Rebrainding yourself - have a glitter day

At some point or another, we all come to the place where we need to reposition ourselves in the job market to either accelerate on our current path, or move in a different direction altogether. In this post, let’s talk about how to go about rebranding yourself to go in a different direction.

A decade ago, the world was on the verge of a massive economic meltdown, the likes of which younger generations had never seen.

The economy tanks. That’s just life. Still, what I remember most about the Great Recession is how it impacted people in blue collar towns like Detroit and Toledo. Tens of thousands of people who had spent years, or even decades, of their lives employed by auto manufacturers, perfecting their very specific set of skills were suddenly out of work.

What many Midwesterners found out was that once those auto manufacturing jobs disappeared, there was nowhere else for them to use the skills they had spent so many years perfecting. These skilled, well-paid workers were out of work, but worse, their skills were also of little use to the market.

This happens more often than you think, and in different arenas.

The kids grow up, the last child moves out, and suddenly the woman whose primary job title has been “Mom” for the past 29 years must reposition herself for the next phase of life, and possibly go back into the job market. How does she do it?

The Three Things You Must Master to Successfully Rebrand Yourself

How do you slow inertia enough to make the essential pivot that will allow you to reach greater and greater levels of success in a new market, new arena, new phase of life? I believe there are three areas every woman has to master in order to successfully rebrand herself.

#1 Definiteness of purpose

If you’re a big success psychology fan, you probably know this phrase from the father of success psychology writing, Napoleon Hill.  

In a nutshell, definiteness of purpose means you have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve. You can see the end from the beginning. You know where the finish line is.

Get a definite goal and create a plan for how you are going to achieve it.  That’s the first step in any successful endeavor, and it’s the first step in your successful repositioning.

I want to add a quick disclaimer here: Understand that tied to your definite purpose is a step-by-step plan for achieving what you say you want. You must create both. Without an actionable strategy for attaining your goal, it remains an idea, not a real goal.

#2 Confidence

There are two big ideas to take away here. The first has to do with preparation.

There is something magical that happens when you identify a goal and put together an actionable plan for achieving your goal – you start to believe your own hype. You feel like you can achieve it.

Much of the intimidation and resistance we experience when it’s time to make a change stems from the uncertainty we feel about doing something new. Having a plan will minimize, and will in some cases even eliminate uncertainty.

The second idea is this: Confidence is not a feeling.

People say they “feel confident” but confidence isn’t a feeling you wait to have. Because guess what? That feeling may never come!

Think of confidence more as a habit than a feeling. It’s a skill you cultivate, a discipline. And your confidence is directly related to having a definite purpose and being prepared to act on it.

So, make it a habit to be confident even when you don’t feel confident.

#3 ABC – Always be cultivating

No amount of planning and confidence can help you if your skill set isn’t marketable and you don’t have relationships in place to leverage when it’s time to change careers.

Plan ahead. No, you won’t always foresee the bumps in the road, so you may not know when a given day will be your last day with the company. But you can spend your personal time cultivating skills that will make you more valuable to the market, you can invest time building relationships with companies you would love to do business with.

It will make rebranding that much easier when the time comes for you to make a change.

Part of the adventure of life is that things change and the unexpected happens, often they happen together. When it’s time for you to make a sudden change, the easiest way to do it is to prepare abundantly ahead of time.


The Wrap-Up

Recareering is all about making plans and taking action. If you’re busy doing those two things, you won’t even have time to be afraid, drag your feet or even self-sabotage. Ensuring you stay relevant, interesting and valuable to the market is an ongoing responsibility that the most successful people must master in order to attain and maintain their success. Use the three strategies above to make yourself invaluable.