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I’m about to tell you the one thing you’ll ever need to actually achieve your New Year’s resolutions. From now on.

If you are reading this, congratulations! You made it another year.

One more trip around the sun.

One more birthday added to your life account.

For me, that also meant one more daughter added to my collection. I have four girls, ages 21 to 4 weeks. No boys. I’d say that’s a collection.

Have You Made Any New Year’s Resolutions for 2017?

So, on this fine Sunday morning in a toasty home just east of Atlanta, I am wondering what’s on your agenda for 2017.

Every December 31st, I spend some time contemplating the year gone by and looking forward to the year to come.

Here Are My Anti-Resolutions for 2017

I only set a thimbleful of goals for each year. I don’t even bother to call them resolutions anymore. These are my anti-resolutions because most people give up on resolutions in the first month of the year.

To combat this sort of thing, I choose a few goals that are important enough for me to work toward. These are goals I either can’t or won’t give up on.

My overarching goals for 2017 are:

  • Continue perfecting my love walk (which is a bundle of sub-goals about controlling my mind, mouth, moods, and attitudes all by itself)
  • Continue to perfect my credit (a long time coming, honey – let me tell you!)
  • Continue to grow my real estate portfolio – physical and digital (also a long time coming)
  • Become a beast at digital marketing to help my favorite client / employer generate $1M in IP sales
  • Become certified in my three chosen side hustles for 2017

That digital marketing goal is the one goal I have that triggers resistance in me. Not dissonance, just resistance. It worries me a little, even though I know the fact that I’ve set my mind means it’s as good as done.

And My One Fake Resolution for 2017

Like most folks, I also tack on one fitness “goal” too.

This year’s attention to fitness is probably more crucial than in years past, as I’ve noticed some weirdness going on with my skin elasticity and the shape of my butt. While I was pregnant, I texted my sister – whose butt is a work of art, by the way – and asked her the traits of pancake booty. I may have that.

I don’t want that.

Serena Williams' butt
I want my bikini to do this…
pancake booty
…. Not this

But the skin thing and the butt thing aren’t real goals. They’re dreams. I may or may not do a single squat in 2017.

I slather myself in coconut oil to protect my skin and I’m going to pick up some vitamin E, but there’s a store at the mall near me that carries the most fantastic-smelling Greenwich Bay soaps. So, I’m far more interested in trying every soap on the shelf than stocking up on Ambi and Neutrogena.

Greenwich Bay soaps are awesome

Here’s That One Thing I Promised You

Okay, so here’s my best advice for setting and achieving goals. You ready?

** Have key performance indicators that you can see and track. **

I like Investopedia’s definition of key performance indicators:

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time.

I know. I know. I relate everything to business. I don’t do it on purpose, but business theory and practices give me a tingly feeling inside. They make the world make sense.


Kanye West shrugging


KPIs in Action

Simply put, your KPIs are the things you would have to see happen to know you’ve reached your goal. To see KPIs in action, I’ll use my own anti-resolutions to demonstrate.

Goal #1 Love Walk: Let’s start with the seemingly intangible goal of perfecting my love walk.  While this seems like something I can’t really measure, one easy way to tell if I’m winning with this goal is getting into fewer arguments. Instead of getting in one argument a month (which isn’t hard for me), surely by the end of the year, I could whittle that down to one argument in any given 3 to 6-month window.

Another way to tell if I’m making progress in my love walk is I feel better about things in general. Love combats fear. I know I’m prone to fearful, worst-case-scenario thinking. If, by the end of 2017, I can develop the habit of automatically following up every negative thought with a faith thought, that’s progress.

Goal #2 Credit Recovery: This is an easy one. There’s a certain credit score I want to have by the end of 2017.

Goal #3 Real Estate: In addition to getting my real estate license, I want to buy and flip my first real property in 2017, netting no less than $15,000 on the deal. As well, I want to have 10 digital properties published and generating leads and cash for my online business. To increase my chances of succeeding, I will make a list of my digital properties, along with the KPIs I’m looking for out of each property.

Goal #4 Digital Marketing: I created this goal around the KPI, of generating $1M in IP sales for my client. My client has 12 products we can bring to market in 2017. A goal of a million dollars isn’t going to be hard to reach IF we can nail the marketing strategy. The goal is $1M, but I will gladly accept revenue generated beyond $360,000 as a win.

Goal #5 Certifications: In addition to getting my real estate license, my two other side hustles are flipping cars and bookkeeping, I love crunching numbers and setting up the books for small businesses and I’ve wanted to flip cars for about ten years and just never did it.

More, I would like to drive a vintage car, like the one Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) drove in the TV show, “The Mentalist.” But I’ve learned the hard way that having a vintage car without having any knowledge about fixing and maintaining these types of cars can be costly.

Citroen and cast of The Mentalist
It doesn’t get any better than Cho and this car, though…

Coincidentally, my kids hate cars like this, which is why I would need to have a separate family car.

And yes, I realize this vintage car thing is my version of a mid-life thing. I’m okay with that.

Boom! Hit the Ground Running

So, there it is.  Your official one-two punch for crushing it in 2017.  Set goals, identify your key performance indicators, build out your strategy (which we’ll talk about in the next post), and make massive progress.