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Gabby Reece
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This Gabby Reece Video Though…

I gotta be honest: I didn’t know Gabby Reece from girl working the fries when I came across this video a week or two ago. I just like watching Lewis Howes interviews (seems like he’s ACTUALLY LISTENING, not just trying to remember his next question), and YouTube recommends his videos.

I was intrigued by the title of this particular video though. Relationship Success through Self-Worth. Hmmm. Not self-confidence. Not fake it till you make it. Gabby Reece was offering help on self-worth. I imagined the entire video would be about sports.

I was wrong.

Who is Gabby Reece? And Did She Really Say Wives Should Submit to Their Husbands?

Gabrielle Reece is probably most well-known for her modeling career in the 1990s followed by her very successful professional volleyball career. She is a wife, mother, serial entrepreneur, pro athlete, and a woman who understands – to some extent – marriage roles.

In this video, and other places in the media, she speaks candidly about being married to big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and the need for wives to have enough strength to make room for their husbands to be husbands by just being softer, more nurturing and submissive.

Whaaaaaa? Who submits anymore?

Smart women.

Besides the fact that you get to look at Lewis Howes for an hour, Gabrielle Reece offers wisdom, a handful of laughs, and some thought-provoking moments for women who are still trying to reconcile who you are with how you can best serve your family as a woman.

This right here… well worth the time investment.

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk on Shame
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Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk -“The Price of Shame”

I came across the Monica Lewinsky TED Talk yesterday as I was sitting at the light in my car, on the hunt for Tony Robbins. I was feeling low-energy and Tony always pumps me up. I had been wondering about Monica Lewinsky, just in passing. I wasn’t curious enough to do an online search, but she crossed my mind a handful of times and I wondered what was going on with her. So, I was thrilled, if not a little apprehensive about watching this video.

There’s value in a Monica Lewinsky TED Talk on shame

I think Ms. Lewinsky offers a jarring and insightful  perspective on this culture of cruelty we’ve created. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty. Vicarious cruelty in the form of memes and status updates so we share in the shaming, but feel somehow justified as observers. Of course, Ms. Lewinsky’s unique perspective stems from her past, which makes the video worth watching, even if only to remind us that we, and those around us, are human.

Beware: There’s heartbreak in her words when she talked about her mom’s response to Matthew Clementi’s death. It would do us all some good to reconnect with our ability to feel and express compassion and empathy.



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