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Three Hours with Tony Robbins

tony robbins

I SAW TONY ROBBINS!! And it was a fantastic, ground-breaking experience.

I first saw a Facebook ad about the Wealth Summit. I didn’t really think of it as a wealth summit. All I knew was Gary Vee, Tony Robbins and Barbara Corcoran were coming to Atlanta. Together. Three of my favorite business influencers.
I got hipped to Barbara Corcoran years ago when I came across her book, Use What You’ve Got in a Dollar Tree, back when I lived in Detroit. This was years and years before Shark Tank. I didn’t know Barbara at the time, but I know a hard-cover business book for $1 is a steal, so I took a chance and read the book. For years, it was my favorite book.

I think she renamed that book Shark Tales after Shark Tank took off.

I jumped at the chance to see Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins. And the tickets were so affordable (I think we paid something like $120 for two tickets), I honestly didn’t even think Tony would show up. I thought he would be streaming from Fiji or something.

The event started at 8AM with Joseph McClendon III. Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx), real estate guru Dean Graziosi, and Gary Vee spoke  before Tony Robbins did a three-hour session with us.  Here is my big takeaway from that event:

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