socks out the window - planning to succeed as a freelancer

After you have learned all you can from the experts in your field it’s time to carve out your space in the market. You have the product to offer. You have pinpointed your audience. You now need to come up with a plan for how you’re going to set yourself apart in what may be a crowded market. Of course… you know me. I have some ideas about this. Here are six things successful women do to win that you may not be doing. 


Successful Women Embrace Their Uniqueness.

It may be tempting to check out the websites of some of your favorite gurus and incorporate their sundry personalities into your brand, whether it’s using the same color scheme, wearing a similar suit or hairstyle for your head shot or making an attempt to write in the same folksy voice when you craft blog posts.

But remember authenticity is key. What draws you to another person’s blog or books may not be what draws your target audience to you. Use your own knowledge and authenticity as capital.

Focus on optimizing your brand’s value instead of duplicating ALL the efforts of more successful, already established brands. Yes, success leaves footprints, but in many respects, you will need to focus on making your own.


Successful Women Bring Value.

Remember, you are not in a race to the bottom. Identify your unique value and package it in a way that will appeal to your target audience.  There is no need to rely on gimmicks. Make a promise that delivers great value to your customer for the price. That’s what customers are looking to find. That’s called quality.


Successful Women Have a Consistent Message.  

When you know what you are offering, your next step is to figure out how to tell your customers about it. You need a message. You don’t have to over-promise, but you do need to focus on relaying a message that will get your customer excited about doing business with you. Think about what your customers want and need and start from there. Your message should reflect your brand, mission and values while drawing your customer in with an offer that appeals specifically to them.


Successful Women Follow the Money.

One of the dangers of spending so much time in the development process is surrounding yourself with colleagues instead of customers. You need a nice mix of both, otherwise you invest your energy into engaging with those who are looking to achieve the same goals you are at the expense of getting your product and your company in front of your customer base.  There’s nothing wrong with finding a place where you can feel encouraged, but make sure you don’t spend so much time in training that you never get around to competing.


Successful Women Keep Things Simple.

If you ever feel tempted to spend time fretting over your plan rather than executing it, think of this: Sir Richard Branson (known to many as Dr. Yes), co-founder of the Virgin Group and my longest-lasting Capitalism Crush, will sketch out the feasibility of a business model on the back of an envelope. If it makes sense, he does it. Few things will take the wind out of your sail quite like weighing a plan down with worries and systems. If you think about it, business is actually pretty simple. Come up with a good product that people are looking to buy. Tell those people about the product. Then be sure to earn more with your product than you spend on your product.

Successful Women Believe in Themselves

“The beginning is the most important part of any work.” So said Plato. But the beginning is usually where people talk themselves out of doing the work. The process of planning a business can uncover a seemingly endless list of potential setbacks. But you don’t set out to fail. You set out to succeed and therefore must set your professional goals on your success.

That is not to say you don’t take the dangers of launching your business into account, but no one sets sail then spends the entire journey trying not to sink. You spend your time sailing. And so it should be with your business. Set goals both in your personal life and with your business then create plans for achieving those goals. Plan to succeed. The sooner you get a success under your belt, the more likely you are to succeed at other professional endeavors.

There is a mindset that will drive your success in business. Nobody succeeds by mistake. Success is a deliberate and guided effort on your part. The fact that you even have an idea to pursue is advantageous. Not everyone is gifted with great ideas. Don’t talk yourself out of pursuing your great idea by focusing on all the ways it may not work. Have faith in your ability to create a business that can help you reach your professional and financial goals.