friends standing together - Crafting your Mission and Values Statement

Belief, Values and Missions

Google defines belief as “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” 

How important are your beliefs to your purpose? Can you pursue and achieve a dream you do not believe in? Yes, but would you really want to spend your finite, non-renewable time working hard at something in which you do not believe?

So here’s the fork in the road, folks: What do you believe? And do your beliefs align with your vision for your life?  

Your beliefs are so important to your life, lifestyle, and purpose. What you believe about yourself, your abilities, your outcome and the world around you directly impact how you live your life every single day. For most of us, we have the distinct privilege of being able to live precisely what we believe. 

Belief = Lifestyle

There simply is no separating the two.

You Need a Mission Statement… But What is a Mission Statement?

The best and clearest explanations I’ve ever read about crafting values and mission statements came from management expert and best-selling author Jack Welch. In his book Winning, Welch says your Mission Statement balances the possible and the impossible. It answers the following question:

“How do I intend to win [in this business]?”

How do you intend to accomplish your goal? Be the best mother? Grow your business by 30% this year? Run a marathon? Swap fat for muscle? Re-brand yourself? By answering that question for your own mission, you create a Mission Statement that is finite, succinct, definite and POWERFUL. 

What is a Values Statement?

Your Values Statement supports your mission by detailing the behaviors you will use to fulfill your mission. These are your marching orders. And this is true whether you are writing values and missions for your company, your organization, or your life.  

Like goals, your mission and values will evolve over time. They are not one-and-done by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, when you sit down to write them, you will find crafting a mission and values requires effort.

Thinking, planning, sorting, brainstorming, personal inventory, writing, and re-writing.

But if you’re in this life to win, you will do the work.

How Your Beliefs Affect Your Values and Mission Statements

You cannot effectively define your mission and values without also identifying your beliefs. If what you want to see (your mission) does not line up with your current behaviors (values), you know you have to change your beliefs (truths).

It’s Time to Write

Let’s start with the mission. How do you intend to accomplish your mission to win in life? One of my missions is to help women become self-sufficient. I guess I could make that snazzier. 

Mommy is Working is an online resource committed to one tremendous goal: Providing timely information, practical training, useful resources, and actionable strategies to help 1 million women achieve self-sufficiency and wholeness.

That’s dope, right?

My first draft of my Values Statement (or list) would include the following bullet points. 

  • Purge weekly to share what I’ve learned over the years.
  • Create and publish instruction manuals that help women boost their market value.
  • Always be candid and succinct, like a dude. Minimize back-rubbing and nurturing; focus on strategy and motivating women to take massive action.
  • Attack shame and doubt every chance you get.
  • Promote integrity every chance you get.
  • Be a woman. Never forget the importance of beauty, appearance and shoe shopping. This isn’t the military.
  • Make time for and create opportunities to socialize and network to strengthen our community.

Now for the best part, the beliefs.

  • I believe my experiences are valuable.
  • I believe my intelligence is to serve.
  • I believe I am a gateway for information – input/output.
  • I believe a self-sufficient woman is scriptural.
  • I believe a confident woman chooses better husbands and succeeds as a wife.
  • I believe any woman can stop a cycle of dysfunction and redesign her life with the right instruction and inspiration.
  • I believe women need communities where they can do more than share and dote on each other – they need a place where they can go and work on themselves and better themselves.

I hope The Value Series helps you.