writing a book

If you’ve been “about to write a book” forever,  I know the feeling. Despite the fact that I write other people’s books for a living, I currently have several half-finished books on my computer that I have yet to publish. Even for someone whose job is writing books, book writing isn’t always easy (excuse the improper punctuation; I’m trying to rank for keywords here).

How-to-Write-a-Bio-by-SorilbranHere’s something funny: Finding this video and writing this particular post reminded me that I wrote a similar book on the same topic. While the video is intended for busy experts who want to write books, my book is aimed at other ghostwriters like me who like quick-and-dirty book jobs. I just never got around to actually publishing it. So recently, I found it, updated it, and published it to Amazon. You can click the link to grab my newest handbook for $2.99 on Amazon; if you’re a Prime member, you can borrow it for free.

Can you imagine? Unpublished books on my computer just sitting there, not making me any money. 

(I mean, really Sorilbran. Get it together.)

Anyway, I have a system to share with you that I use with my writing clients. It’s my not-so-secret sauce that allows busy professionals to invest just a few hours total into authoring their books so they don’t suffer the unholy fate of paying a few pennies to hire a ghostwriter who’s going to turn out a 200-page book report that’s sterile and faceless. No vernacular, no personality, no voice, no pop culture references, no colloquialisms.

Booo! Hsssss! Thumbs down!  

If you want a great book that sounds like you, has your rhythm and reads the way you think, I have THE solution for you and it’s easy to implement. PLUS it’s going to make it possible for you to author and publish your book in days, not months. 

It’s time to stop saying your’e “about to write” a book. I’m going to tell you how to write a book – starting today – without taking time out of your busy schedule. So sit down and strap in for 7 minutes. This video is worth it’s weight in digital gold.