Raise your standards

I love Tony Robbins.

I’ve been following him for years and one of the reasons I continue to tune in to what he does is because his advice is actionable. You want to feel more powerful, stand like this.

You want a better relationship, you have to bring that passion and energy back to your relationship by behaving toward him the way you did when you guys first fell in love. You want to make a billion dollars, you have to get painfully honest about what it’s going to take to make it and whether or not you’re willing to make the sacrifices you need to pursue that level of entrepreneurship. Because it’s going to cost.

The gurus and talking heads like to make blanket statements about what you should do to make your life better and at some point, their suggestions go in one ear and other the other because they are often missing one important element: Strategy.

Raise Your Standards In Real Life

I heard Tony say, “Raise your standards” and I thought, “Awesome! I’m on it! Now, how do I do it, for real?”

There’s a simple enough explanation. The definition of raising your standard is simply to turn your “should” into “must. I get that. There’s a certain amount of money that I MUST earn every month to meet the financial obligations of our household. But, since saving is important as well, there’s another MUST on top of that MUST because I also want to live without the worry of not being able to cover an emergency expense should one pop up (and they always do). So, in order to satisfy that need, I MUST make a certain amount more.

I think most people can relate to having financial needs and getting in income that meets those very important needs. Well, the same principal applies to everything else in life. In order to not feel like total crap everyday, I have to exercise regularly and make sure there’s more produce and leafy greens in my diet than coffee, meat and chocolate. Because with a toddler, a kindergartener, and a high school senior, I really can’t afford to be sick or feel crappy.

I don’t think standards are inherent. I think you create them as you go and they change and evolve as you do.

Watch this one.