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I am always monitoring how what I eat affects my energy level. Bulletproof coffee, nitro, kale, salmon… you name it, I’ve tried it. But in the end, it wasn’t biohacking that finally helped me stopped having to take a nap. And it wasn’t even going carb-less. It was a little blue multi-vitamin from GNC that finally helped me drive away the midday lull.

When I had my youngest daughter (now 3), I discovered something interesting – having 4 kids in the house is exhausting. Especially for a mom who works full time. At work, I manage a tema of writers and our illustrator, all of whom work virtually from different parts of the world – Moscow, UK, Mexico, India, Philippines, East Coast, Northwestern United States… And that means lots of time zones. A single Slack Message can go out to 10 people across 5 different time zones.

So, even when I’m not actively tired, I can typically be asleep within 120 seconds if I choose to take a nap. Haha.

A few weeks ago, my better half came home with a present for me – GNC’s Women’s Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism Vitamin. He caught a sale and decided to just add a bottle of vitamins for me when he was out shopping for his own stash. Before he got them for me, I’d never even heard of them.

My mom used to LOVE GNC. Me? Not so much. But these vitamins are LEGIT! And one vitamin does the job for me. Do I shop at GNC now? Kinda. I actually order them through Amazon where they’re auto-filled every other month and sent directly to my house. Actually, I’ll drop the Amazon link here so you can check it out for yourself.

I’m All About That Energy, Baby

You may or may not know I’m a bit of a vitality geek. Started a few years ago when I was working on the now-defunct KetoBowl.com website and learned about the ketogenic diet. The first problem keto cured for me was that dreaded midday lull. Hated that.

As I get older, I find that more than looking great, I need to feel like myself. I know I’m not 20-something, and if I’m not actively finding ways to still be killing it now that I’m over 40, I can expect a sure and probably rapid decline.

I Was Looking for a Good Multi for Women Over 40 When the Hubby Gave Me This One

Anyway, this new vitamin from GNC that I’ve been taking came right on time because weirdly, my daughters and I have been cycling respiratory infections every four to six weeks. I say that’s weird because I rarely got sick before the 2018-19 school year, but I reported to my desk sick as a dog more days than I even care to remember in 2018 and 2019.

So, I’ve been trying to make sure I’m getting enough nutrition in the form of multi-vitamins and bagged salads. I’ve been watching when I eat carbs because they make me sleepy and I’ve been careful about how much protein I ingest, because as much as I LOVE salmon, if I eat more than an ounce or so during my workday, I’m going to fall asleep.


The Ultra Mega Gave Me a Constant Flow of Energy Until Bedtime

When I first started taking the vitamin, I felt the difference from the first dose. The timing was sort of fortuitous, too because it was a busy week for me and I wasn’t getting the necessary six or seven hours of sleep.

But those first few days of taking the Ultra Mega, I wasn’t crashing from exhaustion, My normal 1pm lull didn’t happen. And I wasn’t absolutely exhausted and ready for a nap by 4pm. No napping in the car while waiting for my daughter to be done with tennis practice.

BUT I could feel the fatigue sort of just beneath the surface, like my exhaustion was in the sunken place (Get Out movie reference) and try as it might, it just couldn’t reach me.

Each time it seemed like I was winding down, it was like another energy source kicked in. Not a surge, a source. I wasn’t jittery or anything. I didn’t suddenly have a burst of energy. It’s just that my energy didn’t run out like it normally did.

On the second day taking the vitamins I realized they were a time-release formula.

The Vitamins Took a Little Getting Used To… So There Were Some Side Effects

In the first two weeks or so, my body definitely had to adjust to vitamins.

Can’t Sleep. The first thing I noticed from that very first day was that I couldn’t fall asleep at my regular time. I got in bed around 10. I don’t think I fell asleep until after 1AM. I was still quite awake and alert when bedtime rolled around those first few days. So, by the third or fourth day, I took one vitamin instead of two if it happened that I didn’t eat breakfast until later (before I started taking the Ultra Megas, I didn’t eat breakfast usually until after 11am).

Nausea. The other challenge I had to overcome was nausea from the iron (I imagine)… which was why I began eating breakfast again. After testing a few different options, I discovered eggs and orange juice are good for keeping the yucks at bay. Otherwise, I could easily get an all-day case of low-grade nausea.

The Poop Situation. My body had to adjust to all the nutrients, so I had trouble… going. I know – TMI. It’s the truth though. That part sucked. I didn’t have the urge to go so I was effectively weighed down with the new vitamins. But it only took a few days before that stopped being the case and I didn’t have to up my fiber or anything. I just had to wait until my body wasn’t like, “Oh my goodness. What just happened?”.

And What About the Caffeine? Now, the 50mg of caffeine per tablet doesn’t bother me since I spend many of my workdays at the local Starbucks when I’m not at home. I can easily do 150mg of caffeine a day and be okay.

Oh… and my pee was sort of blue-green sometimes… or “outer space yellow”. Not a real color, but you could probably imagine it. But, that didn’t really bother me, as I’m also a lover of asparagus. Sorry if that imagery bothers you.

Ultra Mega Was the Perfect Energy Source for Me

No jitters. No sugar-induced crash. Time-released fuel that helps me stay awake AND sharp throughout the day. And it’s a great multi-vitamin for me. I wish I had snapped a pic of the supplements cabinet in my kitchen so you can see the standalone bottles of zinc, vitamin C, B-6, glucosamine… all of which I can retire now (the glucosamine because I have the energy now to actually exercise).

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